How to Change the Gas Lifts on Your Car

change gas lifts on car


Gas lifts (or gas springs) keep your car’s boot, bonnet and hatch lids open.


All you need to change the gas lifts on your car is a flat screwdriver and a wedge.


What are the signs of old or malfunctioning gas springs?

Gas springs wear out with repeated use.


Cold weather accelerates the wearing process.


Be vigilant during winter months when early morning temperatures can drop below freezing.


Signs of worn and degraded gas lifts, include:

  • the boot, bonnet or hatch lid opens too quickly and easily
  • the boot, bonnet or hatch lid flops down the moment it’s released
  • the boot, bonnet or hatch lid moves when opened to its fullest.

DIY tips on replacing the gas lifts on your car

Installing new gas lifts takes 20 minutes.


All that’s required is a flat screwdriver and a support clamp to keep the lid open while you swap the old components for new.


Tip: you can substitute the support clamp with a broomstick or a plank.


Open the lid to its widest using the support clamp as a wedge.


Slide the screwdriver underneath the c-clamp on the top end of the gas lift and pop it off the ball stud.


Repeat the process at the bottom end.


Remove the worn gas lift.


Before installing the replacement part, apply grease or lubricating oil onto the ball studs.


Clip the gas lift into position.


Replace the c-clamps.


If your car is an older model, it may have bolt-in gas lifts.


These parts are easy to remove and replace with a socket and ratchet kit.


Tip: parts tend to wear at the same time, so replace gas lifts in pairs.


How to order gas lifts online

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