Masterparts Multifunctional Petrol and Diesel Engine Oils

Masterparts Multifunctional Petrol and Diesel Engine Oils
April 19, 2021 gnuworld
petrol and diesel engine oil

Oil is vital for keeping your engine running smoothly. Without the correct oil levels, your engine components wear down prematurely and can fail completely.

Masterparts stocks a range of multifunctional petrol and diesel engine oils. The range includes our in-house brand of synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral-based and multifunctional oils.

Multifunctional oils at Masterparts

Masterparts offers two heavy-duty diesel and petrol multifunctional oils as part of our range of engine oils. Both are designed to prolong engine life and offer exceptional anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.

15W-40 CI4

Masterparts 15W-40 C14 is a high-performance, multi-grade, heavy-duty engine oil designed for use in a range of diesel or petrol engines that require API CI-4 performance specifications. Applications include:

  • mixed fleet of diesel and petrol engines (high-speed, four-stroke, turbo-charged or naturally aspirated)
  • commercial road transport vehicles
  • off-highway vehicles
  • diesel marine engines
  • generator sets
  • agricultural vehicles and farm machinery.

15W-40 SL/CF

Masterparts 15W-40 SL/CF is a high-performance, multi-grade engine oil designed for use in all types of naturally aspirated, super-charged petrol and diesel engines. Applications include:

  • all passenger, 4WD and light commercial vehicles
  • mixed fleets with petrol and diesel engines
  • agricultural tractors and farm machinery
  • the workshop market.

What is multifunctional oil?

Multifunctional oils are all-rounder lubricants designed for use in a wide range of engines, including marine and agricultural engines.

They can be used for multiple lubrication purposes such as transmission and hydraulic systems.

Multifunctional oils use additive technologies, such as viscosity enhancers, to ensure engine lubrication and protection at a range of temperatures.

Understanding engine oil viscosity

Viscosity refers to thickness or resistance to flow.

Engine oil viscosity is important to note because the oil thins when heated and thickens when cooled. Low-viscosity oil will flow easier at lower temperatures. High-viscosity oils are better suited to warmer environments.

Oil viscosity is indicated in the name by a number followed by W (which stands for winter) and then another number (#W-##). The first number is oil flow when it’s cold. The second number after the W is the oil’s viscosity at normal engine operating temperatures.

For example, 5W-30 refers to a low-viscosity oil with an easier flow at start-up temperature. Newer engines tend to use low-viscosity oils. Older engines may benefit from higher viscosity oils.

When you should use multifunctional oils

You should choose a multifunctional oil that can serve the entire fleet when you have a large fleet of vehicles with a variety of engines that have a wide range of mileages, applications and capacities.

By comparison, other high-performance or synthetic oils are often designed for use in a more specific type of engine, function or driving style.


Masterparts stocks a comprehensive range of high-quality multifunctional petrol and diesel engine oils for almost all vehicle models – old and new – on our roads. Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to help.

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