Sprays, Lubricants and Other

Masterparts stock a full range of sprays, lubricants, and other chemical components.

Air Mass Sensor Cleaner:

Safely cleans and protects air mass sensors.

Improves air/fuel ratio and fuel consumption. Plastic safe, leaves no residue.

Chain Lube:

An effective synthetic lubricant, compatible with ‘O’ ring seal chains.

Its high performance anti-fling formula ensures a non-running, non-drip application that stays on the chain.

Copper Spray:

Copper gasket sealer is a slow hardening adhesive with a high copper content to promote heat transfer. Use in place of adhesive type products.

Allows gaskets to be reused.

Available in aerosol only.

Engine Flush:

Cleans the whole engine internally, combating engine wear and improving performance.


This product displaces moisture, stops rust in its tracks and protects and lubricates.

A useful rust preventive for any exposed metal.

Rubberised Undercoating:

Tough black coating for vehicle under-body protection.

Protects against stone chips, rust and salt corrosion

Stop Smoke:

Oil burning and smoke can occur, particularly in older cars.

Stop Smoke will help to reduce exhaust smoke, reduce engine wear and oil consumption.

Is suitable for petrol and diesel engines, with regular or synthetic oils.


Provides a safe and rapid temporary repair.

Unique formulation re-inflates the tyre and seals the hole caused by the puncture.

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