For more than a century, Champion has been a trusted brand of original equipment (OE) components, known for their race-winning performance and expert engineering.


Champion is famous worldwide for its high-performance spark plugs. In the 1970s, it pioneered the use of iridium, which is exceptionally hard-wearing and has a stabilising effect on ignition voltage, in its spark plugs.


According to Federal-Mogul, Champion spark plugs have "won more races and powered more racing legends than any other spark plug brand."


In addition to spark plugs, Champion supplies a superior range of windscreen wiper blades, as well as a selection of additives and filters.


Champion's wiper blades are designed with a low profile, minimal moving parts and no superstructure. This ensures they operate smoothly and noiselessly, with excellent blade-to-windshield contact. In addition, "EZ Click" installation ensures that the blades are quick and easy to replace.


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