Dayco is a leading designer and manufacturer of power transmission components; belts – including high-quality timing belts and Micro-V belts; dampers, tensioners, pulleys and idlers.


A Micro-V belt is a single, continuous belt designed to drive multiple engine devices. It takes the place of multiple, thinner belts and can be put under higher tension, resulting in greater mechanical efficiency. In turn, this reduces the load on the engine, increasing power and fuel economy.


Dayco, which is based in the United States, currently operates in 22 countries and has annual turnover in excess of USD$180 million. It sells to major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – among them Caterpillar and General Motors – and aftermarket parts suppliers.


Dayco traces its roots to a business founded in 1905, which specialised in creating rubber products. Over the years, the company was responsible for introducing a number of innovative products, including the first synthetic rubber tyre.


Since then, the company has diversified, producing a wide range of products for automotive, agricultural, construction and industrial companies. Its essential engine products and drive system solutions are designed to boost engine efficiency, while minimising noise and vibration.


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