Established in 1934, DOLZ is a leading, global supplier of high-quality water pumps for the automotive industry. It has production centres in Spain, Argentina, Brazil and China.


DOLZ manufactures over 2 million water pumps annually. The company complies strictly with all original manufacturer specifications and focuses on rigorous, continuous quality testing throughout its production process.


DOLZ provides over a thousand models of water pumps, for cars, trucks and tractors, and its Research and Development Department develops upwards of 50 new models each year.


DOLZ Brasil has been certified for compliance with ISO 9001 quality standards by SGS. It was granted the Q1 Quality Award by the Ford Motor Company. DOLZ Argentina is certified for compliance with ISO 9001 and in 2013 reached ISO/TS 16949. DOLZ China has been certified under ISO/TS 16949 since 2012.


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