Elring – now part of ElringKlinger AG – is a leading German manufacturer of gaskets for engines, transmissions, exhaust systems and auxiliary components.


The company has roots that date to the late 1800s. In 1879, Paul Lechler founded a business in Stuttgart for technical products and gaskets. Not long after, Richard Klinger established an engineering firm in Vienna. By the early decades of the 1900s, both Lechler and Klinger were supplying the automotive industry with a range of gaskets.


From the 1970s, Elring rapidly expanded its global operations, setting up ventures in Spain, South Africa, South Korea and China.

In 1994, Elring finally merged with its historical competitor to form ElringKlinger GmbH.


Today ElringKlinger AG is a hugely successful group worldwide. Its interests have expanded into areas such as fuel cell technology and high-performance plastics, but it remains a leading manufacturer of cylinder-head and specialty gaskets.


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