Located in Yuhuan on the Zhejiang coast of the East China Sea, Taizhou Engi Automobile Spares – or simply Engi – is a leading supplier of belt tensioners, timing gears, timing tensioner rollers, alternator and idler pulleys, and idler wheels.


Founded in 2005, Taizhou Engi is a state-owned enterprise that manufactures over 1,000 models of tensioners, with new models added to its range on a monthly basis. In total, it produces about 150,000 sets every month. It also manufactures a wide range of timing gears and pulleys.


Taizhou Engi's automotive parts are supplied to markets on all of the world's continents. About half of the company's output is exported to Europe, with 20% exported to Central and South America and 15% exported to the Middle East and Africa.


Taizhou Engi maintains rigorous quality standards, ensuring all its development and production processes are in line with the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System and conducting testing at every stage.


At Masterparts, we offer a range of Engi tensioners, pulleys, and idler wheels.


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