FAI Auto Parts


Founded over 40 years ago, FAI Auto Parts had developed into one of the UK's leading, independent distributors of auto parts. It supplies parts for a wide range of European and Asian cars and light vans to over 50 countries around the world.


Based in Leighton Buzzard, England, FAI Auto began in 1956 as the Ian Walker Racing company, which was founded by racing and rally driver, Ian Walker, and operated a professional, four-car racing team.


In 1968, the company evolved into a garage business, specialising in selling and servicing Lotus and other high-performance cars. The company also began manufacturing performance conversions, such as camshafts, cylinder heads, inlet and exhaust manifolds and eventually, complete competition engines.


In 1974, FAI Auto Parts broadened its focus to include road cars, offering a range of engine parts and spares to the engine re-conditioning industry.


Today FAI Auto offers 22 product lines, including over 35,000 parts and covering approximately 65 vehicle manufacturers. Among its most popular products worldwide are cylinder head bolts, gaskets and gasket sets, mechanical cam followers, oil seals, rocker arms and rocker shafts – all of which we're proud to stock at Masterparts.


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