Based in Taiwan, JCMC – now a brand under the Hoag Industry Co., Ltd – started manufacturing high-quality engine valves in 1980. Since then, it has become a leading supplier of valves and valve-related components, including valve guides and seat inserts.


Hoag Industry achieved ISO-9002 certification in 1996 and subsequently introduced a comprehensive Total Production Management (TPM) project, designed to ensure that JCMC valves meet the strictest quality standards.


Raw material for JCMC valves is imported from Japan. The company's R&D department cooperates with the Aeronautical Systems Research Division at Chung Shan Institute of Science & Technology to ensure on-going improvements to its processes and products.


JCMC valves are known for their resistance to heat, wear and corrosion. The company's valve guides and valve seats are also known for their high quality.


Apertures in JCMC valve guides are created without any filing, using an innovative German technology that ensures superior strength and durability.


JCMC valve seats are manufactured using CNC machine processing, to ensure strict precision and high quality.


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