King Engine Bearings has specialised in providing high-quality engine bearings for over 50 years. It was founded in the United States in 1960, with the stated objective of supplying "the highest quality bearings available in the marketplace".


Today King supplies engine bearings for an extensive range of engine types, from standard automobile engines to engines for high-performance racing cars and both light- and heavy-duty trucks. King also supplies bearings for marine, aviation and standby power engines.


King engine bearings are conceptualised, designed and built under a single roof, using production processes and custom machinery developed by the company. This helps ensure a high degree of efficiency and accuracy.


All the company's bearings are subject to multiple quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, and only materials of the highest quality are used.


At Masterparts, we're proud to stock a range of King engine bearings, cam bearings and small end bushes.


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