The Kolbenschmidt (KS) company was founded by Karl Schmidt in 1910 in Neckarsulm, Germany.


Initially Kolbenschmidt specialised in oil-firing devices for smelting metals, but in 1934, it began supplying machined pistons to the automotive industry.


As more powerful engines were produced, corresponding developments in piston engineering were required too, and Kolbenschmidt continued leading the way. By 1948, the company was manufacturing scraper ring pistons. Lightweight aluminium pistons became popular in the 1960s, and the first profiled pin bores were produced in the 1970s. Currently steel pistons and features like nanocoating provide the high performance required by modern engines.


All Kolbenschmidt pistons are designed to reduce friction and noise, and to provide optimal performance and strength.


In 1997, Kolbenschmidt merged with a company called Pierburg, which specialised in manufacturing carburetors, to form the company KSPG AG, under the parent group, Rheinmetall.


Today KSPG is one of the world's largest suppliers to the auto industry, providing pistons for cars and commercial vehicles, as well as exhaust gas recirculation systems, secondary air systems and coolant pumps. It operates over 30 production plants around the world and cooperates with top auto manufacturers to continue expanding and developing its products.


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