Founded in 1922, Redex is the leading producer of fuel additives in the UK. It provides the automotive industry with a range of both petrol and diesel additive products, designed to help reduce fuel consumption, decrease emissions and extend engine life.


During combustion, deposits build up on a vehicle's fuel injectors and can result in less efficient use of petrol. Redex petrol and diesel system cleaners prevent this build-up and clean the injectors. This translates into lower fuel costs, as well as lower emissions.


Redex also manufactures and distributes products such as:

  • Diesel Power Booster, which is designed to boost the Cetane number of diesel (resulting in better fuel efficiency)
  • Redex Diesel Advanced Fuel System Cleaner, for intensive cleaning after every 4,800 kilometres
  • Lead Replacement, which you can add along with unleaded petrol to an older or classic car that's designed to use leaded petrol
  • a specially designed bottle for Adblue, a diesel additive that can reduce emissions by as much as 80%; the bottle prevents spills and has a locking system.


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