Italian company Metelli began in 1962 as a mechanical engineering workshop. In 1970, it started manufacturing engine parts, and within another five years, it had begun manufacturing hydraulic brake and clutch parts.


Through the 1980s, Metelli cemented its reputation for quality OEM brake and clutch parts, exporting to both independent aftermarket and original equipment suppliers and manufacturers.


The 1990s and 2000s have seen Metelli continue to grow and to expand its range of products. In 1991, the company began producing constant velocity joints, and in 1999 it added drive shafts to its range.


Also during the 1990s, Metelli acquired Cifam Co., a company that had been producing brake and hydraulic clutch parts since 1979. This was followed, in 2001, by acquisition of GRAF Co., which was a well-established producer of water pumps and brake discs for the automotive industry.


In 2008, Metelli expanded its range to include brake pads, and in 2010, it completed its range of braking products with the addition of brake shoes.


Today Metelli exports its products to over 90 countries across the globe.


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