The German thermostat manufacturer Wahler was granted it's first thermostat patent in 1928 and has gone on to focus on temperature and exhaust gas management for Internal Combustion engines. The ongoing improvement in the performance of automotive power plants goes hand in hand with innovative developments by Wahler in the areas of Thermostats and Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems (EGR).


Wahler products are installed either directly on the engine or in their immediate vicinity. This means that they must withstand both the radiated heat and the high temperatures of cooling media and exhaust gases, Wahler products perform with the utmost reliability at all temperatures and in the most challenging conditions.


Today Wahler thermostats belongs to the Borg Warner group which is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art emissions control systems, ignition systems, diesel cold-start technology and PTC cabin heaters for passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles around the world. Borg Warner’s advanced technologies are designed and engineered to lower emissions, improve fuel economy and enhance performance for passenger cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles.


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