NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of OEM spark plugs for internal combustion engines.


NGK, which stands for Nippon Gaishi Kaisha ("Japan Insulator Company"), was founded in Nagoya, Japan in 1919. Its spark plug division evolved into the separate company, NGK Spark Plugs, in 1936.


Beginning in 1950, NGK spark plugs were produced under license in South Africa. Today NGK Spark Plugs SA is owned by NGK Japan. Based in Elandsfontein, it continues to manufacture and distribute a range of spark plugs and resistor caps.


In the mid-1960s, NGK began operating in the United States, and in 1975, it established its first European subsidiary in the UK. In the early 1990s, it added a technology centre in Germany and a production facility in Orléans, France.


Today NGK has a total of 13 production sites around the world. Its spark plugs are used by Formula One and IndyCar Series teams, and are known across the globe for their high quality and reliability.


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