Powertec specialises in manufacturing high-quality ignition lead sets (also known as spark plug cables) for the automotive and after-sales markets. In total, it manufactures a range of over 900 sets, all designed to meet or exceed the performance of original equipment (OE) ignition leads.


Ignition cables and the spark plugs to which they attach must be able to withstand very high heat. That's because they're heated by the air/fuel mixture that's burnt in the engine, as well as by heat radiated from a vehicle's exhaust pipes.


Powertec ignition leads have the following features:

  • conductors made with Kevlar and impregnated with carbon, for maximum durability and resistance to electrical interference
  • use of silicone for resistance to extreme temperatures (up to 220 to 250 degrees Celsius), as well as for superior electrical isolation and long life
  • in sets that use copper core cable, use of suppressed spark plug and distributor connectors to prevent electrical interference
  • compliance with the international standards DIN ISO 3808, SAEJ557 and SAE J2031.

Replacing old ignition leads with newer, higher-quality leads is likely to result in cleaner sparking and more efficient fuel consumption.


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