SIMOTA is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer and supplier of automotive air intake systems and filters, including products for both cars and motorbikes.


SIMOTA began in 1991 as a specialist manufacturer of air filters. It subsequently expanded its product lines to include intake systems and replacement air filters, as well as both urethane and carbon air filters. Today these are sold worldwide.


SIMOTA products are certified under ISO9001 and have achieved certification by the TUV. The company also uses the highest standard of dynamometer, the MAHA LPS3000, to test that its products provide the best possible performance.


Advantages of SIMOTA air filters include:

  • rigorous in-house testing
  • ability to withstand temperatures ranging from -30 to 150 degrees Celsius
  • use of washable, reusable cotton air filters
  • greater pleating than regular air filters, resulting in filters that are both lighter and more efficient
  • use of strong galvanized steel mesh to improve durability
  • availability of filters with 77 or 114-millimetre necks, for universal application.

As well as air filters and filter kits, Simota offers a range of products, ranging from strut tower bars and seatbelts to anti-vibration dampers.


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