Titan Clutches


Titan clutches and clutch kits have been known and trusted for decades. Today they're manufactured under a division of Titan Speed Engineering, a family-owned business based in California that specialises in manufacturing high-performance parts for the racing industry.


Titan clutches evolved from the early pedal clutches produced by a company called Sanders Clutches for nitro racers and blown-alcohol teams. Under the Titan brand, these earlier clutches were replaced by the first clutches to use the slipper-clutch design.


Today Titan Speed Engineering provides clutches and clutch kits preferred by racing teams around the world, for nitro-, alcohol- and gas-burning race cars. It also provides clutches for truck and tractor pullers.


Titan's billet clutches are tested to 15,000 rpm and are known for their outstanding strength and durability. They're available for one- to four-disc applications, in billet aluminum, titanium or steel.


The company's two-disc models, for example, feature aluminium flywheel and weigh as much as 4.5 kilograms less than conventional clutch designs.


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