Wix Filters


Based in North Carolina, WIX Filters has been specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of filters since 1939. The company's self-proclaimed goal is to produce " the best performing, most reliable filters in the world".


WIX Filters supplies filters for the automotive and diesel industries, as well as for agricultural, industrial and specialty markets. Its range includes oil, air, fuel, cabin air, transmission, coolant, and hydraulic filters for a wide range of vehicles and equipment types.


The company provides three categories of oil filters, for average, heavier duty and "extreme" drivers, for conventional, synthetic and synthetic-blended motor oils.


WIX air filter media, for both panel and radial air filters, feature nine pleats per inch, resulting in longer life and better effectiveness than standard filters.

The company's fuel filters, including spin-on and cartridge-type filters, are designed to support long service intervals and to be simple to replace. The spin-on filters also feature built-in gaskets.


WIX heavy-duty cabin air filters are suitable for trucks, buses and off-highway vehicles.


WIX Filters also designs high-performance filters for motorsports and support a number of NASCAR racing teams.


At Masterparts, we're proud to stock a range of WIX air, oil, fuel and cabin filters.


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