YSK Oil Pumps


Based in Taiwan and founded in 1986, Probe Industrial Co., Ltd. manufactures automotive parts and components. It's known especially for its high-performance oil pumps, which are marketed and distributed under the YSK and LAI brands.


YSK oil pumps were first introduced in 1991. Today they're available for upwards of 5,000 vehicle models and for just about all engine types.


Probe Industrial has been awarded ISO-9002 and QS-9000 international quality assurance certification, and in 2007, it achieved certification under ISO/TS-16949 for its outstanding quality management system.


In 2011, the company moved into new, upgraded facilities, and in 2013, it added power steering pumps to its range of products.


At Masterparts, we're proud to stock a range of YSK oil pumps and oil pump gears.


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