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Please note that Masterparts does not stock car body parts or lights.


Masterparts stocks the Shell Helix range of motor oils.


Motor/engine oil is used to lubricate moving parts. It also cleans, inhibits corrosion, improves sealing and cools the engine by conducting heat away from moving parts.


The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has established a numerical code system for grading motor oils according to their viscosity characteristics, and you'll find the motor oil grade you need, when you buy from Masterparts.


In everyday terms “viscosity”is a measure of the "thickness" of the oil. Thus, water is "thin", having a lower viscosity, while honey is "thick", having a higher viscosity. Put simply, the less viscous the fluid is, the greater its ease of movement (fluidity).


Note that the SAE has a separate viscosity rating system for gear, axle, and manual transmission oils, SAE J306, which should not be confused with engine oil viscosity. The higher numbers of a gear oil (e.g. 75W-140) do not mean that it has higher viscosity than an engine oil. 


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