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Masterparts stocks a range of parts and spares for Hillman for the Super Minx and Hunter models.

    We don’t stock body panels, mirrors or lights.

    About Hillman

    William Hillman, who had already made his fortune manufacturing bicycles, joined engineer Breton Louis Coatelen in forming the Hillman-Coatalen company, in 1907. Based in Coventry, England, Hillman-Coatelen launched its first automobile – the 24HP Hillman-Coatelen – in the same year.

    In 1910, Coatelen left the company and it was renamed the Hillman Motor Car Company. Up to 1913, the company focused on manufacturing larger cars, including models with a 6-cylinder, 9.76-litre engine. The company’s real success, however, began with the introduction of a smaller vehicle, the 9 hp, which featured a side-valve four-cylinder engine. The same car was reintroduced after the First World War as the 11 hp, with a slightly more powerful engine.

    From 1925 to 1928, Hillman focused on manufacturing the popular 14 hp. The company was then bought by the Rootes Group – also known for leading brands Humber, Sunbeam and Singer.

    In 1931, a six-cylinder model dubbed the Wizard was launched under the Hillman marque. The next year, the first Minx, featuring a 1185 cc four-cylinder engine, was produced. The same Minx was reintroduced after the Second World War, and a series of Minx models continued to be made well into the 1950s.

    The Mk 8, with a 1390 cc engine and overhead rather than side valves, was introduced in 1955, and a two-tone version of the model, marketed using the slogan “As Gay as a Mardi Gras”, was launched the next year.

    During the 1960s, key models included the Hillman Imp, with an 875 cc rear engine; the Husky, with a 1390 cc, four-cylinder engine; the Hunter, with a 1725 cc engine; and a smaller-engined model that reused the Minx name.

    In 1967, Chrysler acquired the Rootes Group, and in 1970, it released the Avenger, and both the Avenger and Hunter ranges were sold as Chryslers. In 1979, Chrysler’s European division was bought by Peugeot, which still owns the rights to the Hillman name.

    Under Peugeot, the Avenger continued to be sold under the Talbot name until 1981. The original Hillman factory in Coventry continued to be used to manufacture Peugeot models until 2007, when it was closed.

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