Parts and Spares For Leyland

Masterparts stocks parts for Leyland for the following vehicle models: Beaver, Terrier, Boxer, Comet, Super Comet, Clydesdale, Eland, Super Eland and Hippo.

    We don’t stock body panels, mirrors or lights.

    About Leyland

    Leyland began as the Lancashire Steam Motor Company, in 1896. It started producing cars in the 1920s and continued to expand after the War.

    In 1955, Leyland Motors opened a facility in South Africa, in Blackheath, Cape Town.

    Initially, the focus was on bus and truck production, and on vehicle assembly from imported kits.

    In 1969 – a year after the company joined with British Motor Holdings to create the British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC) – the company merged its South African operations with those of BMC, Jaguar and Aveling-Barford.

    The Cape Town facility started full local production of cars, including the Austin Apache and Austin Marina.

    At least two Leyland-branded vehicles were unique to the South African market. These included a Mini with an Elf/Hornet rear and a bakkie (a rebadged Daihatsu).

    BLMC was nationalised in 1975. Its land rover, truck and bus divisions were included in the Land Rover Leyland Group.

    Sales continued to decline over the 1980s and the company’s various divisions were divested. Car marques that survived the end of the company include Jaguar, Land Rover, MG and Mini.

    Today enthusiasts still operate a number of Leyland classics in South Africa.

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