Suzuki Parts and Spares

Masterparts is proud to stock at least 45,000 vehicle parts at any given time, so it’s more than likely that we’ll have whatever Suzuki parts or spares you need. On the rare occasion that we don’t have a part you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to find it for you.


Masterparts stocks an extensive selection of Suzuki spares for the following models: Alto, Celerio, Ertiga, Grand Vitara, Jimny, Kizashi, Samurai, Swift and Vitara.

*Please note that Masterparts does not stock body panels, mirrors or lights.

About Suzuki

Suzuki was founded in 1909 by Michio Suzuki as the Suzuki Loom Works. Thanks to Japan’s booming silk industry, the company took off. However, with a healthy dose of foresight, Suzuki decided to diversify and expand his business. Based on consumer demand, he began working on a design for a compact car in 1937. Within two years, his company had built several prototypes.


When World War II began, design and production of the vehicles, which were considered a “non-essential commodity”, came to a halt. However, production resumed soon after the war. The company also began manufacturing motorcycles. The company was officially renamed Suzuki Motor Co in 1954, and by then was producing tens of thousands of motorcycles and cars every month. After purchasing 19.9% of the company in 2010, Volkswagen AG is the largest shareholder.


For help in choosing or finding the appropriate Suzuki spares or parts, please contact us. Whatever you need, from a new crankshaft or camshaft to a water temperature sensor or window winding mechanism, Masterparts is happy to help. Our Western Cape customers will be happy to know that all their purchases from Masterparts will be delivered free of charge within one working day.


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