Best Source of New BMW Parts in the Cape

Best Source of New BMW Parts in the Cape
December 6, 2016 gnuworld
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At Masterparts, we stock parts for all common makes and models of vehicles – but a particular focus for us is on providing high-quality spares and parts for BMWs.

BMWs have a special place in our hearts. It’s true that BMWs qualify as high-end, luxury vehicles – and gleaming new or “barely used” models are still as popular as ever.

However, thanks to their decent engineering, large numbers of older second-hand BMWs, some dating back two decades or even longer, are also still on our roads.

This means BMWs are popular across the spectrum of vehicle owners, and there’s high demand for reliable but affordable BMW parts.

Which BMW models are the most popular in South Africa?

Models in the BMW-3 and BMW-1 Series continue to rank high on lists of the top-selling secondhand cars in South Africa. According to, for example, the BMW-3 Series is the country’s second most popular used car.

These series are performing equally well in secondhand markets elsewhere too. For 2016, both the BMW-3 and BMW-1 Series made it into the top ten most popular used cars in the U.K., with the BMW-1 Series in third place and the BMW-3 Series in tenth position.

BMW performed just as well in the market for new luxury vehicles, with worldwide sales up by 6.2% in the first nine months of 2016. Also during this time, over 40,000 electric cars in the new BMW i range were sold.

BMW parts we supply

At Masterparts, we stock a comprehensive range of new parts and spares for almost all BMW models on the roads in South Africa. Among these are the BMW 116i, 118i, 120d, 320i, 325i, 520, 520d, 525i, 640i, 740i, X3 and X5 models. On the rare occasion when we don’t have a BMW part that’s needed, we’re happy to order it in at no extra charge.

We offer free delivery of parts to customers in and around Cape Town (Southern and Northern Suburbs), Stellenbosch, Somerset West and Strand.

Some of the most commonly requested BMW parts we supply in the Cape (as well as in Durban and Windhoek) are:

  • BMW brake pads, disks and rotors
  • BMW water pumps
  • BMW timing belt kits
  • BMW spark plugs
  • BMW fuel, air, engine and oil filters.

Other commonly requested BMW parts and spares include air cells for level control; air conditioners; brake hoses; castle type Welsch plugs; gearbox filters, oil strainers and vacuum units; oil pressure switches; power steering kits and steering rack kits; propshaft couplings, centre bearings and vibration dampers; pulleys; rear axle transmission mountings; strut mountings; sub frame kits; thermoswitches for cooling; and wheel bearing kits.

At Masterparts, we pride ourselves on offering the widest possible selection of auto parts online and off. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll be happy to help.

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