How To Replace Wiper Blades on Your Car

How To Replace Wiper Blades on Your Car
June 17, 2020 gnuworld
how to replace wiper blades

Wiper blades are a car part that need fairly frequent replacing. The rubber on the blades perishes over time due to frequent use and exposure to the elements.

For a relatively simple job like this, it might be considered a waste of time and money to take your car to a mechanic when you can just as easily do it yourself.

How to replace your wiper blades

Some replacement blades are just the rubber squeegee that needs to be threaded into the old frame. These are trickier to do and may need to be trimmed.

The best option is to buy replacement blades that already have a frame and simply snap onto the wiper arm.

The procedure may differ slightly depending on the model of car and wiper blade but, generally, the procedure is straightforward.

Step 1

Before you buy new blades, check the ones on your car to make sure you get the correct size and type. If you’re not sure, consult your car’s user manual or take the old ones to your parts supplier and ask for advice.

Step 2

Remove the new blades from their packaging so they’re ready to go.

Lift the wipers away from the windshield. Don’t let the arm snap back once the old blade is removed or it could damage your windshield.

If you’re concerned about this, put a folded towel on your windshield underneath the arm.

Step 3

Turn the old blade perpendicular to the arm and locate the release tab. It may take a bit of jiggling to get it loose but, once the tab is released, pull the blade down to clear it from the hook at the end of the arm.

Then turn the blade parallel with the arm so you can gently slide it off. Not all wipers have the release tab; some you simply pull down.

Step 4

To install the new blade, follow the same sequence in reverse. Thread the new blade into the hook and pull up this time. You should hear or feel a click when it snaps into place.

Step 5

Test your new blades with some mildly soapy water. It’s difficult to get it wrong, but if you feel they aren’t installed properly you can follow the steps again or get some advice from your parts supplier.

Wiper blades from Masterparts

It’s essential that your car has properly working wiper blades at all times so that your view of the road remains unobstructed no matter the weather conditions.

At Masterparts, we stock three lines of Champion wiper blades to fit a range of vehicles:

  • Easyvision standard (bridge-style) wiper blades
  • Easyvision multi-clip wiper blades (a flat blade including seven different clips in order to allow fitting to a multitude of applications)
  • Aerovantage hybrid wiper blades (suitable for specific applications as per OE design).

To get advice on which wiper blades you should buy for your vehicle, contact us on 021 657 5757 or visit your nearest branch.

At Masterparts, we pride ourselves on offering the widest possible selection of auto parts online and off. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll be happy to help.

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