Introduction of Revolutionary Hybrix Brake Pads

Introduction of Revolutionary Hybrix Brake Pads
February 13, 2017 gnuworld

Introduction of Revolutionary Hybrix Brake Pads

Since 1975, METELLI has been a leading brand of hydraulic brake and clutch parts. Now it has introduced revolutionary new brake pads, which use a special hybrid material developed by Hybrix.

Development of Hybrix brake pads

Traditionally, brake pads use copper – a metal that has high heat dissipating properties. However, several studies prove that copper is harmful to the environment. It accumulates in water and soil, and can be toxic to plants and animals.

Whenever drivers brake, traditional copper brake pads release small quantities of copper dust. For this reason, some countries are introducing laws that limit the copper content in brake pads. In the United States, for example, these laws are due to come into effect by 2021 at the earliest.

Some years ago, a group of Fri.Tech engineers set out to develop a copper-free compound for use in brake pads. But being racing specialists, they didn’t stop there.

They developed a unique material that, as well as being copper-free, offers quieter, smoother braking, with superior stopping power. The material is an innovative mix of more than 30 different materials.

What’s special about the brake pads?

The new range of METELLI brake pads include a layer of the special hybrid material between the metal support and the actual friction material.

Along with other technical improvements to the brake pads, the hybrid material has these results:

  • increased mechanical resistance, reducing the risk of separation and accidental breakage
  • smoother braking with significantly less vibration and noise
  • an improved barrier against heat transfer, preventing oil from overheating in the callipers.

Overall, the new brake pads offer safer, more comfortable braking than ever before.

Performance rating and certification

The range of new METELLI brake pads consists of over 1 600 references and cover 95% of the European, American and Asiatic car park.

In the United States, the new brake pads have achieved the highest level of certification under the Better Brake Law, with guaranteed copper content of less than 0.5%. They’re also certified by the Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency (AMECA), which specialises in laboratory testing of motor vehicle safety equipment.

In addition, the brake pads are fully compliant with ECE Regulation 90 (ECE R90), which regulates brake linings in Europe and other countries that have adopted it.

You can recognise the brake pads by the three-leaves mark, which certifies that they contain less than 0.5% copper.

At Masterparts, we’re proud to supply the new range of Hybrix brake pads under the METELLI name. Call us on 021 657 5757 or contact us online for more information.

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