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The camshaft is used to operate the engine valves by pressing on the valve, or on some intermediate mechanism as they rotate in order to force the valves open.

How do they work?

Since the valves control the flow of the intake air/fuel mixture and exhaust gases, they must be opened and closed at the appropriate time during the stroke of the piston.

For this reason, the camshaft is connected to the crankshaft either directly, via a gear mechanism, or indirectly via a belt or chain called a timing belt or timing chain.

camshaft vs. billet

Sometimes the camshaft is incorrectly referred to as a ‘billet’.

A billet is a semi-finished solid metal form that has been rolled or cast into finished ‘long products’ such as bars, channels, and rods.

In the case of camshafts an example is the blank un-machined bar from which high-performance camshafts are machined.

Our camshafts

We offer standard replacement camshafts as well as performance grinds ranging from 272 duration to 324 duration.

Duration is the number of degrees of camshaft rotation during which the valve is off the seat.

Performance camshafts

Performance camshafts can be divided into groups according to the level of performance for each camshaft within the engine type.

Because profiles and dimensions vary so much, it is not possible to create a general table, as power bands and other dimensions of similar cams differ when used in different applications. However, here is a general grading of camshafts as a hierarchy: Standard, Road, Mild Road, Fast Road, Road/Rally, Rally/Race and Race.


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