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Oil Pumps
Oil Pumps

Masterparts offers high-quality oil pumps for vehicles, for sale at our branches across South Africa and in Namibia.

What does the oil pump do in a car?

The oil pump is the primary component in the vehicle’s lubrication system.

It circulates oil through the engine to keep all the moving parts lubricated and prevent metal-on-metal wear.

Without a regular supply of oil, the engine overheats and seizes.

Most modern electronic vehicles are fitted with rotor oil pumps embedded in the front engine cover. Older cars typically have gear oil pumps.

Both types of oil pumps are driven by the crankshaft or camshaft. They are known as positive displacement pumps – there is an equal amount of oil going in as there is going out.

The oil circulation system in a car engine oil pumps

The oil circulation system in a car engine (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2007).

How does an oil pump work?

Gear oil pumps and rotor oil pumps operate in a similar way. They draw oil up from the sump via the oil pickup tube and send it to the engine.

The main differences between the two pumps are:

  • the type of gears in use
  • how they work together to draw oil in and force it out the other side.

Gear pumps have two uniform sized gears that mesh. As the gears rotate, a vacuum is created by a gap in the teeth. The oil is sucked into the pump through the gap, pressurised and forced out the other side.

Rotor oil pumps have two different sized gears – an inner, driven gear and a larger outer gear which rotates around it.

The inner gear has fewer teeth and the oil is sucked into the resultant gap. As the gears continue to rotate, the gap is closed and the oil is forcefully dispelled into the main oil feed.

What can cause an oil pump to fail?

An oil pump is typically designed to last the lifetime of a vehicle – but only if the engine is properly maintained.

If motor oil is not changed regularly (or is contaminated), sludge and other debris can build up on the gears. This can cause the oil pump to fail.

If this occurs, it can cause the engine to overheat, lose power and stall.

Signs of a malfunctioning oil pump

Possible signs of a damaged or defective oil pump include:

  • a ticking noise from the engine
  • low oil pressure indicator on the gauge
  • oil leaks under the car.

High-quality oil pumps for sale in South Africa

Masterparts offers oil pumps suitable for different vehicle makes and models.

Oil pumps in and around Cape Town:

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In addition to oil pumps, Masterparts offers oil pump gears, oil pressure switches and other lubrication components – along with a comprehensive range of engine, braking, steering, suspension and electronic parts for cars. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll do our best to help.


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