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What does the air filter do in a car?

The air filter is part of the vehicle’s intake system. It removes dust, dirt, insects and other particulate matter from the air prior to combustion.

When clean air mixes with the fuel in the combustion chamber, optimal ignition is achieved and engine performance is at its best.

How does an air filter work?

Depending on the make and model of car, the engine’s air filter can be round, flat or conical. It consists of several pleats of material that trap contaminants as the air flows through it and into the engine.

For an animated representation of the various filters in a car, including the air filter, see this YouTube video.

Filters can be made from foam, cotton or synthetic paper, similar to the type of paper used to filter coffee.

Typically, filters need to be changed every 10,000 km or so. For vehicles in extreme use situations and those driven in dusty areas, the filter may need to be replaced more often.

Signs of a clogged air filter

As it accumulates dust and dirt, an air filter gets clogged and less air can pass through it. This compromises engine performance.

The most obvious clues to a clogged air filter are an illuminated check engine light and a visually dirty filter.

Symptoms of a clogged filter include a noticeable loss of power, a strong smell of petrol and black smoke billowing from the exhaust.

A defective air filter can also result in worse fuel economy, and the vehicle may shake or judder during acceleration.

High-quality air filters for sale in South Africa

Masterparts supplies air filters for most vehicle makes and models. We offer door-to-door delivery. Alternatively, visit any of our branches across South Africa or in Windhoek, Namibia.

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In addition to air filters, Masterparts stocks fuel filters, oil filters, cabin filters and other filtration components – along with a comprehensive range of engine and other auto parts and spares. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll do our best to assist.


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