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Oil Filters
Oil Filters

Masterparts offers high-quality oil filters, for delivery or for sale at our branches.

What does the oil filter do in a car?

The oil filter cleans the oil as it circulates in the engine. It traps dirt, dust, sludge and metal particles that build up on the engine components and become suspended in the oil.

Contaminants increase the viscosity and flow resistance of oil. Thicker, unfiltered oil takes longer to pass through the engine, increases wear and tear, and reduces power output.

Clean, filtered oil lubricates moving parts more effectively, reduces friction and improves engine performance.

How does an oil filter work?

The oil filter is a metal container the size of an average cooldrink can. It’s sealed and rounded on the top, and partially open at the bottom.

The bottom of the metal casing has entry and exit openings, and is attached to the engine surface.

Oil is pumped from the sump into the oil filter. The oil enters the metal casing through a series of small holes and passes through the filter.

Pleats in the synthetic fibre trap the dirt and build-up. Clean oil exits the casing through the large central hole and circulates back through the engine.

The saVRee video, How lubrication oils filters work, provides a detailed explanation of the oil filter, how it works and why it’s critical for engine performance.

Signs of a defective oil filter

An oil filter can only hold a limited amount of impurities before it clogs up. When that happens, the pressure inside the casing increases, the bypass valve opens and unfiltered oil enters the engine. This scenario is best avoided as it can lead to expensive engine repairs.

Signs of a defective oil filter are comparatively easy to detect. They include an overheating engine, ticking or knocking sounds from under the bonnet, low oil pressure and/or dirty exhaust fumes.

When the oil is thick and dark, the oil filter is leaking or the “check engine” light is on, it’s time to install a replacement part.

High-quality oil filters for sale in South Africa

Choosing the right oil filter for your make and model of car is critical to the well-being of the engine. The parts may look similar, but threads and gasket sizes differ from one oil filter to the next.

At Masterparts, we’re here to help. Please contact us or speak to one of our staff in-store for advice. We provide a wide range of oil filters, made by reputable automotive brands.

We offer door-to-door delivery. Alternatively, visit any of our branches across South Africa or in Windhoek, Namibia.

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Masterparts also stocks fuel filters, air filters and other filtration components – along with a comprehensive range of engine, braking, steering, suspension and electronic parts. Contact us if there’s a part you need, and we’ll do our best to assist.


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