Parts and Spares for Audi

Masterparts stocks a comprehensive range of aftermarket  parts and spares for just about all Audi models on the roads. Among these are the Audi A1, A3, A4, A6, A8, Q2, Q5, Q7 and TT models. For just about any Audi model, it’s likely we’ll have the part you need.

Are parts from Masterparts cheaper than those from Audi dealers?

The aftermarket parts and spares we offer for Audi are, in almost all cases, less expensive than those you’ll get directly from local Audi dealerships.

That doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on quality. We deal directly with many original equipment manufacturers and suppliers (OEM and OES), locally and internationally. The parts and spares we provide are the same quality as those offered by dedicated Audi dealers, just at lower prices.

    We don’t stock body panels, mirrors or lights.

    Types of parts for Audi we stock

    Masterparts can provide just about any part or spare for an Audi you’re likely to need. However, please note that we don’t stock body panels, mirrors or lights.

    Some of the most commonly requested parts we supply are brake and wheel components; water pumps; timing belts; spark plugs; and fuel, air, engine and oil filters.

    Areas where we provide parts for Audi

    Wondering where to buy parts and spares for Audi? At Masterparts, we supply an extensive selection of parts for Audi:

    Western Cape

    Kenilworth Warrington Road

    021 657 5757

    Bellville Strand Road

    021 957 5757

    Brackenfell Kenwil Drive

    021 970 5757

    Paarl Triangle Street

    021 861 5757

    Montague Gardens Montague Drive

    021 561 5757

    Strand George Street

    021 841 5757


    Durban Umgeni Road

    031 308 5757

    Phoenix Markhouse Place

    031 508 5757

    Pietermaritzburg Greyling Street

    033 845 5757

    Pinetown Old Main Road

    031 737 5757


    Windhoek Bell Street

    +264 61 433 5757

    Audi models we offer parts for

    If your model of Audi isn’t listed here, it doesn’t mean we can’t help – contact us and let us know what part you need and for which model and we’ll see if we can help. The following list identifies some of the many Audi models for which we stock or can order parts and spares:

    • Audi 100/A6 (1991–1998)
    • Audi 80 (1991–1996)
    • Audi Cabriolet (1990–2000)
    • Audi A8 (1994–2003)
    • Audi A4 (1994–2001)
    • Audi A3 (1996–2003)
    • Audi A6 (1997–2006)
    • Audi Duo (1997)
    • Audi TT Coupe (1998–2006)
    • Audi TT Roadster (1999–2006)
    • Audi A2 (1999–2006)
    • Audi A4 (2001–2007)
    • Audi A4 Cabriolet (2001–2005)
    • Audi A8 (2003–2010)
    • Audi A3 (2003–)
    • Audi A6 (2004–2008)
    • Audi A3 Sportback (2005–)
    • Audi Q7 (2005–)
    • Audi A6 allroad quattro (2006–2011)
    • Audi A4 Cabriolet (2005–2009)
    • Audi TT (2006–)
    • Audi A4 (2007–)
    • Audi A5 (2007–)
    • Audi Q5 (2008–)
    • Audi TT 2.0 TDI quattro (2008–)
    • Audi A6 (2008–2011)
    • Audi A6 Cabriolet (2008–)
    • Audi A4 allroad quattro (2009–)
    • Audi R8
    • Audi R8 Sport
    • Audi A1 (2010–)
    • Audi A8 (2010–)
    • Audi A7 (2010–)
    • Audi A6 (2011–)
    • Audi Q2 (2017-)
    • Audi Q3 (2011–)
    • Audi A6 allroad quattro (2012–)
    • Audi R8 (2015-)
    • Audi TT (2017-)
    S and RS models
    • Audi S4 (1991–1994)
    • Audi Avant RS 2 (1993–1994)
    • Audi S8 (1994–2003)
    • Audi S6 (1999–2004)
    • Audi S4 quattro (1997–2002)
    • Audi S3 (1999–2003)
    • Audi RS 4 Avant (2000–2001)
    • Audi S4 (2002–2005)
    • Audi RS 6 (2002–2004)
    • Audi RS 4 (2006–2008)
    • Audi S4 (2006–2008)
    • Audi S8 (2006–2010)
    • Audi R8 (2007–)
    • Audi RS 6 V10 (2007–)
    • Audi TTS (2008–)

    About Audi models

    We offer spares and parts for a very wide range of Audi executive, compact executive, sports and crossover SUV models.

    Among these is the ever-popular Audi A3, available as a sedan, cabriolet or, more recently, a plug-in hybrid. It’s also available as a convertible. This is one of Audi’s best-selling vehicles, and one of the most purchased luxury vehicles worldwide.

    We also offer Audi spares for the popular executive Audi A7 Sportback and for best sellers like the Audi A4 30TFSI, Audi R8 V10, Audi Q5, Audi A6, Audi A8L 60 TDI, Audi Q3 35 TDI Quattro and Audi A4 30TFSI.

    For guidance in choosing appropriate parts for Audi, feel free to contact us. Whatever part you need, from a new crankshaft or camshaft to a water temperature sensor or a window winding mechanism, you’ll find it at Masterparts.

    About Audi

    Audi is one of Germany’s leading luxury car manufacturers, along with Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Its slogan, “Vorsprung durch Technik” (Advancement through Technology) is in keeping with the company’s focus on cutting edge vehicle and engine design.

    Auto Union, the company that evolved into Audi, was formed through the merging of four other automotive companies – Horch, Audiwerke, DWK and Wanderer. It’s these companies that the four rings of the Audi logo represent.

    In the 1960s, Volkswagen bought Auto Union from Daimler-Benz, and the modern Audi company was formed.

    Key Audi models that cemented the company’s reputation for quality engineering included the Audi 100 (1968), the Audi 80 and the Audi 50 – the car that formed the basis for the VW Polo.

    Audi’s success in the luxury car market grew throughout the 1990s, and has continued to expand ever since, especially in China and the Middle East. Among the company’s more recent best sellers have been the all-purpose family car, the Audi A3, the executive Audi A7 Sportback and the award-winning TT Coupé.