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Water pumps
Water pumps

Masterparts offers high-quality water pumps for a very wide range of vehicle makes and models.

What does the water pump in a car do?

In a vehicle, the water pump circulates coolant fluid through the cooling system. This is vital for regulating engine temperature.

The fluid absorbs heat from the engine to prevent it from overheating. It’s then pumped to the radiator, where the heat is distributed and the fluid is cooled.

The cooled fluid passes to the water pump and can then be returned to the engine.

How does a water pump work?

Typically, an automotive water pump is driven by a belt from a crankshaft pulley or sprocket.

The pump uses centrifugal force and impeller blades (fan blades) to drive coolant through the cooling system.

Signs of a faulty water pump

If the water pump doesn’t work optimally, it will compromise a car’s cooling system. This can lead to overheating of the engine – ultimately causing serious engine damage.

Along with overheating, possible signs of a malfunctioning water pump include:

  • a grinding noise, if the water pump bearings have become worn
  • a coolant leak, which can occur if either the shaft seal or the gasket between the pump and the engine has been compromised
  • vibrations, if the pump has plastic fan blades and one or more of these has broken.

High-quality automotive water pumps for sale in South Africa

Masterparts offers water pumps from leading international and local brands. These include Dolz, GMB, Graf and GNS.

We can assist you in getting the right water pump for your vehicle, quickly and easily.

Where to get water pumps from Masterparts

We offer door-to-door delivery. Alternatively, visit any of our branches across South Africa or in Windhoek, Namibia.

Automotive water pumps in and around Cape Town:

Water pumps in KwaZulu-Natal:

Water pumps in Namibia:

As well as water pumps, Masterparts stocks fan belts, radiator hoses, thermostats and other cooling system components – so you can complete a full cooling system repair with one stop. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll do our best to assist.


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