Masterparts offers high-quality thermoswitches for a very wide range of vehicle models.

What is a thermoswitch?

A thermoswitch is an engine coolant fan switch. It works together with other cooling system components to regulate engine temperature.

Like an automotive thermostat, the thermoswitch measures and responds to changes in the temperature of engine coolant fluid. When the temperature of the fluid exceeds a specified limit, the thermoswitch activates a cooling fan.

A thermoswitch may also activate a warning system (a light on the instrument panel or an alarm) to alert the driver if the engine overheats.

How does a thermoswitch work?

A thermoswitch includes an outer shell and sensing unit, and an inner strut.

The outer and inner layers consist of different metals, each with a different thermal expansion coefficient. In other words, each of the metals expands at a different rate when exposed to heat.

Once a specific temperature threshold is reached, the expansion of the inner strut displaces a pin. This may either create or break a contact, which triggers the fan and, where relevant, a warning system.

Symptoms of a faulty thermoswitch

A malfunctioning thermoswitch – or one that’s incorrectly calibrated for your vehicle model – can contribute to engine underheating or overheating.

Underheating compromises performance and fuel efficiency. Overheating can cause critical engine damage.

A faulty thermoswitch may also prevent warning systems from activating if the engine overheats.

High-quality automotive thermoswitches for sale in South Africa

Masterparts offers thermoswitches that meet the highest standards and are calibrated to the ideal temperature ranges for a very wide range of different vehicle models.

Where to get thermoswitches from Masterparts

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