Buy only the finest tested, calibrated thermostats at Masterparts.

All our thermostats are built from high quality stainless steel and copper, to resist the corrosive effects of engine coolant.

Our thermostats

They meet or exceed O. E. standards and are 100% tested and calibrated to ensure the correct opening temperature.

Temperature ranges

Broadly speaking, there are three temperature ranges, based on the ambient temperature of regions:

Hot climate: Middle East and North America where the temperature constantly ranges above 35˚c and where a thermostat in the 72-82˚c range is required.

Normal climate: In the classical Mediterranean climate like South Africa, the ideal thermostat ranges from 79-95˚c.

Cold winter: The types of climates in the Northern hemisphere that get snow and ice in winter requires thermostats typically above 90˚c.


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