Valeo Clutch Kits

Valeo Clutch Kits
August 29, 2014 gnuworld
Valeo clutch kits

By popular demand, Masterparts now also stocks over 300 references of Valeo clutch kits.

We have over 300 Valeo references in stock including D.M.F (dual mass flywheel) replacement kits.

Today, every second car which rolls off the assembly line is fitted with a D.M.F and this equipment rate is still increasing. In order to meet consumer needs we have a wide range of Valeo clutch kits including D.M.F replacement kits manufactured under Valeo’s highest quality standards. Valeo’s expertise in research and development allows the reduction of clutch noise and vibrations along with enhanced driver comfort through better gear changes.

With 14 manufacturing plants worldwide, Valeo is the largest clutch manufacturer in the world and is specified as original equipment to the majority of motor manufacturers worldwide. All products are QS 9000 certified and include a comprehensive range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicle clutches to suit European and Japanese applications.

It is worth noting that the Valeo Group worldwide provides more than 30% of the world’s needs in light duty clutch. Of particular significance is the fact that Valeo is strongest in Europe, which has the world’s most discerning motorists.

Therefore, it is not surprising that professional motor technicians in South Africa are no longer asking for a Valeo clutch – they are insisting upon it.

A Brief History of Valeo

In 1923 Eugène Buisson, the French representative for Ferodo brake linings, opened workshops in Saint-Ouen to manufacture his own friction materials under license. In 1932, the company expanded its activities to include the production of clutches. On the eve of World War II, the company held almost all the patents relating to clutches.

In 1953, the company celebrated its 30th anniversary. Clutches, with their constantly evolving technologies, became its main business activity.

In order to unite its brands and people, the company adopted the name Valeo (“I am well” in Latin), the name of its Italian subsidiary, at its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on May 28, 1980.

During the 1990s, operational excellence became a top priority and Valeo introduced its “5 Axes” system to attain customer satisfaction through total quality.

International development continued. Valeo moved into China (1994), Poland, the Czech Republic (1995) and India (1997).

In 1998, the Group acquired the electrical systems business of ITT Industries, as well as the automotive activities of Labinal. These acquisitions enabled Valeo to become a global player in electrical and electronic systems.

In 2013 Valeo celebrated their 90th birthday.

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