Brake Discs

best aftermarket brake discs
best aftermarket brake discs

Quality brake discs are key safety components in all vehicle makes and models.

At Masterparts, we stock only the best brake discs in terms of materials and manufacturing technologies and techniques.

Masterparts: leading supplier of aftermarket brake discs in South Africa

Strategic partnerships, with global auto-parts manufacturers and distributors, is the backbone of the Masterparts supply chain.

Our core business, as stockists of premium quality engine parts for local auto shops, has diversified over more than 45 years in the trade.

Today, Masterparts is a leading supplier of globally sourced aftermarket brake discs to the auto repair industry and the South African public at large.

What are brake discs?

Brake discs are carbon composite or iron discs that rotate with the wheels of the car.

Brake pads, fitted to either side of the disc, clamp down on the disc surface to reduce the speed of the vehicle.

When to replace brake discs

Uneven wear and surface cracks or grooves on the discs are clear indications of worn brake discs.

When the car pulls to one side or the brakes make a squealing noise when engaged, it’s time to invest in a replacement set of aftermarket brake discs.

As brake discs and brake pads are part of a vehicle’s braking system, it’s best practice to replace both components at the same time.

Performance brake discs from leading manufacturers

Our range of high-performance brake discs are:

  • manufactured from high quality alloys
  • CNC machined to OE specifications
  • electronically balanced to provide responsive and vibration-free braking.

Febi Bilstein brake discs

Brake discs by Febi Bilstein are durable, reliable and thermally efficient. Damping properties are optimised to eliminate noise and vibrations.

Metelli brake discs

Aftermarket brake discs by Metelli are manufactured from cast iron and coated for higher corrosion resistance.

SKF brake discs

SKF aftermarket brake discs are rooted in quality and technological expertise. They’re renowned for optimal overall performance and less wear and noise.

Stone brake discs

Japanese precision engineering is behind the efficiency and durability of brake discs by Stone, a little-known brand carving a niche in the aftermarket auto parts sector.

Fremax brake discs

Fremax brake discs are manufactured from high carbon alloy according to ISO standards. Discs are coated to prevent the formation of rust.

Where to find high performance aftermarket brake discs

Brake discs in and around Cape Town:

Brake discs in KwaZulu-Natal:

Brake discs in Namibia:


Masterparts stocks a comprehensive range of high-quality brake discs for almost all vehicle models – old and new – on our roads. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll be happy to help.


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