Cam Bearings

Cam Bearings
Cam Bearings

High quality cam bearings for sale in South Africa?

Cam bearings are vital vehicle engine components. They play a major role in reducing friction in the camshaft assembly.

Masterparts stocks premium quality cam bearings for the aftermarket. Components are sourced from reputable automotive parts manufacturers in the USA, Taiwan and Germany.

What is a cam bearing?

A cam bearing is a strong, durable metal ring. It’s installed in a bearing bore on the camshaft and is specifically designed to be lubricated during operation.

Depending on the type of engine, there can be up to seven bearings per camshaft. Their role is to enable the camshaft to rotate freely, without undue friction.

In order to withstand the high temperatures of modern engines, camshaft bearings are typically manufactured from aluminium alloy.

Signs of a faulty or damaged cam bearing

A significant drop in oil pressure is a common sign of a damaged or faulty cam bearing.

Improperly installed camshaft bearings are usually the main cause of component failure. The resultant lack of lubrication leads to excessive wear and possible damage to the camshaft.

How to replace a cam bearing

Replacing a cam bearing is not an easy job. It requires planning, precision and the use of dedicated tools specifically designed for the task.

It’s an installation job best accomplished with a clean, stripped-down engine. It should only be done once the crankshaft main caps have been installed and main cap bolts torqued to specifications.

The key is the precise alignment of each cam bearing’s oil hole with that of the bore. By marking where the oil hole should be on each bearing, it’s easier to achieve proper alignment.

As no oil or lubricant can be added to the bearing or bore, the use of a cam bearing driver tool is a mandatory requirement.

Start by wiping the bores with a quick-drying solvent prior to the installation of the bearings. Then carefully place each bearing in the corresponding bore, starting from the rear of the engine block and working forward.

Once the installation is complete, apply a thin coat of lubricant to each bearing.

King cam bearings

King cam bearings are manufactured from quality materials using cutting-edge designs and proprietary tolerance technology. The specialist engine bearing manufacturer was founded in 1960 and produces OE-quality products for the vehicle aftermarket.

FPR cam bearings

FPR cam bearings are manufactured to OE standards by the Taiwan-based company. All FPR aftermarket parts are tolerance tested and subject to strict quality control protocols.

Kolbenschimdt cam bearings

Kolbenschimdt has been producing quality engine components for more than a century. Today, the company has production facilities on four continents. Its aftermarket product range is purpose-designed to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Where to find high performance aftermarket cam bearings from Masterparts

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Masterparts stocks a comprehensive range of high-quality cam bearings for almost all vehicle models – old and new – on our roads. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll be happy to help.


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