Piston Rings

Piston Rings
Piston Rings

Masterparts offers quality cast-iron and chrome-plated piston ring sets, with rings designed to retain their shape and functionality even under extreme heat and loads.

What do the piston rings do in a car?

Piston rings are expandable split rings. They slot into ring grooves on the outer surface of the piston.

Each piston has three rings – a top compression ring; intermediate compression ring; and oil control ring.

Together, the rings have three primary functions:

  • to seal the combustion chamber
  • to convey heat from the piston to the cylinder wall
  • to regulate the amount of engine oil used to lubricate working surfaces.

How do the piston rings work?

The top and intermediate compression rings create a seal between the surface of the piston and cylinder wall.

Gases produced during the combustion process are trapped to generate sufficient pressure to move the piston in the cylinder.

The compression rings also carry heat away from the piston.

Heat energy flows into the rings via the piston grooves, where it’s initially conveyed into the cooled cylinder block of the engine, and later the engine coolant.

The oil control ring wipes excess oil off the surface of the piston as it moves. The lubricant is returned to the oil reservoir in the engine block through the ring openings.

Signs of faulty or worn piston rings

When the piston rings are worn or damaged, vehicle performance is compromised and the engine may seize altogether.

Worn or damaged piston rings allow combustion gases to escape, and/or engine oil to enter the combustion chamber.

Engine output is subsequently reduced, and/or the oil is burnt in the chamber.

Signs of malfunctioning piston rings include:

  • thick, bluish-grey smoke from the exhaust, accompanied by a burnt oil smell
  • excessive oil consumption
  • sluggish acceleration
  • poor engine performance, defined by loss of power.

High-quality automotive piston rings for sale in South Africa

Masterparts stocks piston rings manufactured by well-known international brands, including FPR Engine Parts and Hastings Piston Rings.

We offer door-to-door delivery. Alternatively, visit any of our branches across South Africa or in Windhoek, Namibia.

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As well as piston rings, Masterparts stocks pistons, piston liners, valves, lifters, pushrods and other cylinder components – so you can complete a full engine repair with one stop. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll do our best to assist.


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