Brake Drums

high quality Brake Drums
high quality Brake Drums

Brake drums are part of a cohesive vehicle braking system and subject to high levels of friction.

Masterparts stocks premium quality iron alloy brake drums that are engineered to last.

What does a brake drum do?

A brake drum is similar to a brake disc. It’s usually fitted to the rear wheels of older model cars and new, entry-level vehicles.

What is a brake drum? It is a cylindrical component that rotates with the wheel. Brake shoes, with frictional brake linings, are fitted inside the drum.

When the brake pedal is engaged, the brake shoes apply pressure to the inside of the drum to slow, or stop, the rotation of the wheel.

When to replace brake drums

Depending on the condition of the brake shoes and the style of driving, brake drums can last up to 320,000 kilometres.

As with all braking components, brake drums are susceptible to heat, friction and wear.

When the actual drum measurement is lower than that of the original size, the brake drum and associated components must be replaced.

Signs of worn or faulty brake drums

When applying the brakes, there are obvious signs of worn or faulty brake drums, such as:

  • the back of the car vibrates
  • the car veers to one side
  • there’s a loud squealing, grinding or scraping noise.

Masterparts: supplier of aftermarket brake drums in South Africa

Masterparts has been supplying superior quality engine parts to local auto repair shops and master mechanics since 1975.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Masterparts expanded the supply stock to cover all vehicle components and extended its services to the public.

Today, Masterparts stocks more than 50,000 aftermarket automotive parts, compatible with over 3,500 vehicle models, including best quality aftermarket brake drums.

Brake drums from leading manufacturers

Our range of high-performance brake drums are durable, reliable and manufactured by renowned global automotive brands.

Febi Bilstein brake drums

Brake drums by Febi Bilstein are engineered for longevity, optimal braking performance and enhanced driving comfort.

Metelli brake drums

Metelli brake drums are manufactured from machined cast iron. Precision engineering enables maximised coupling between the drum and shoes.

Stone brake drums

Stone brake drums are manufactured to exacting standards, using only premium quality iron alloy.

Fremax brake drums

The automotive brakes specialists use high carbon alloy and an innovative paint technique to manufacture corrosion-free performance Fremax brake drums.


Masterparts stocks a comprehensive range of high-quality brake drums for almost all vehicle models – old and new – on our roads. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll be happy to help.


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