Brake Master Cylinders

Brake Master Cylinders
Brake Master Cylinders

Brake master cylinders are the primary components in the braking systems of cars.

Masterparts stocks a range of single and dual reservoir aftermarket brake master cylinders from leading automotive parts manufacturers.

What are brake master cylinders?

The brake master cylinder is a sealed unit filled with hydraulic fluid. It contains a set of pistons and springs that are compressed, or released, by a pushrod linked to the brake pedal inside the car.

When the pistons are depressed by the pedal-activated pushrod, brake fluid is forced through the brake lines and into the slave cylinders located above the calliper of each wheel.

What do brake master cylinders do?

They transfer the hydraulic pressure required to press the brake shoes against the brake drums, which brings the vehicle to a stop.

Symptoms of a bad brake master cylinder

Key indications of brake master cylinder failure are unresponsive brakes and dark, discoloured brake fluid.

A soft or spongy brake pedal, or a pedal that sinks slowly to the car floor when depressed, is a sign the brake master cylinder needs replacing.

Single vs dual reservoir master cylinders

Brake master cylinders are manufactured in two configurations – single reservoir and dual reservoir.

Single reservoir systems consist of a single reservoir and brake line, which feed both the front and rear brakes.

Dual reservoir master cylinders have dedicated reservoirs and brake lines for the front and rear braking systems.

LPR (AP) brake master cylinders

LPR brake master cylinders are produced in Italy in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards.

Valeo (FTE) brake master cylinders

FTE automotive has been an OEM supplier for brake hydraulics in the automotive industry for many years. They apply the same high-quality standards to their aftermarket offering.

All wheel cylinders and brake master cylinders offered by Masterparts are approved by the NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) for the South African Aftermarket. 

Masterparts: supplier of aftermarket brake master cylinders in South Africa

Masterparts offers brake master cylinders from top manufacturers.

Our strategic partnerships with manufacturers ensure that we have a wide range of brake master cylinders with great availability and pricing.

Where to get brake master cylinders from Masterparts

Brake master cylinders in the Western Cape are available at these branches:

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Masterparts stocks a comprehensive range of high-quality brake master cylinders for a wide range of vehicles on our roads.


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