Clutch Kits

Clutch Kits
Clutch Kits

Ensure optimum performance with clutch kits from Masterparts

Your engine is constantly on the go, constantly spinning. The clutch is the system by which the engine is engaged and the car drives. It’s the job of the clutch to create a smooth engagement between the engine and a non-spinning transmission.

Clutch Performance

The clutch allows engine power to be applied gradually when the vehicle initially pulls away, it interrupts power to the transmission for gear change and stops the engine stalling when bringing the vehicle to a stop.

When the clutch is fully engaged (clutch pedal fully raised) this allows power from the engine to the transmission, creating drive at the wheels.

When the clutch is disengaged (clutch pedal fully depressed) this stops the power from the engine to the transmission.

In order to ensure optimum performance and lasting durability with every clutch installation, it’s important to use only quality clutch components that are engineered to function as a precision-matched system with other driveline components.

That’s why our kits contains an all-new pressure plate assembly, disc assembly and release bearing designed for specific vehicle applications and driving styles.

Our Clutch Kits

It is preferable to buy a clutch kit instead of individual clutch parts as the parts will be of the same age and should wear evenly, provided the new clutch kit is fitted and aligned correctly.

Replacing only one part results in the risk that one of the older parts will fail, causing an unexpected clutch failure.

That is why we stock clutch kits from the best manufacturers available in order to cover a wide variety of applications.


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