Brake Pads

Brake Pads
Brake Pads

High-quality brake pads for sale in South Africa

Quality brakes pads are essential vehicle safety components responsible for slowing down and stopping a car.

Masterparts stocks a range of OE-quality aftermarket brake pads, sourced from leading automotive parts suppliers worldwide.

What are brake pads?

Brake pads form the contact point with the brake discs.

The pads are activated when the brake pedal is engaged inside the car. The brake pads squeeze against the discs to slow down the wheels and bring the vehicle to a stop.

Signs of worn brake pads

Due to the extreme operating conditions, brake pads wear out.

Indications of worn brake pads include grinding or squealing when the brakes are applied. A hard, spongy brake pedal that requires added pressure to stop the car is also a sign of worn brake pads.

Visibly worn brake pads are a sure sign the parts need replacing.

How often to replace brake pads?

Brake pads should be replaced every 65,000 to 80,000 km, depending on road conditions and driving style.

How to replace brake pads

It’s best practice to replace all four brake pads.

Once the car is jacked up, remove the wheel and slider bolt. Shift the calliper, containing the pad, into an upright position.

Slide out the worn brake pad and replace the retaining clips. Insert the new brake pad and replace the slider bolt. Repeat the process on the remaining three wheels.

Click here for a comprehensive guide to replacing brake pads at home.

Metelli brake pads

Metelli brake pads are manufactured from Hybrix, a proprietary, copper-free compound providing performance braking. All parts are ECE certified, and tested for quality and strength.

Febi Bilstein brake pads

Febi brake pads are manufactured using a range of technologies to dampen noise and limit vibrations. Friction materials are matched to vehicle makes and models to provide optimal efficiency and long service life.

Stone brake pads

Stone brake pads are made from durable compounds, bonded together to enable optimal friction capabilities. Components are ISO compliant and ANAB certified.

Where to get brake pads from Masterparts

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Masterparts stocks a comprehensive range of high-quality brake pads for almost all vehicle models – old and new – on our roads. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll be happy to help.


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