Starters & Alternators

Starters & Alternators
Starters & Alternators

Since a vehicle engine cannot start unaided, an external force is required to provide rotational speed.

The starter uses electrical energy of the car and turns it into mechanical energy. This energy comes from the battery and is used to start the crankshaft turn, which gets your car moving.

About the Starters and Alternators

It drives a built-in motor using the vehicle battery as a power source to create power and start the engine.

It is only used for a short time (rated at 30 seconds) so it is designed to be very small despite producing a large output.

When people think of where their cars electrical energy comes from most people think of their car battery. But it’s actually the alternator and not the battery, that provides most of your cars electrical energy.

Checking your alternator

As opposed to the starter, the alternator uses the mechanical energy of the car and turns it into electrical energy which powers your ignition coils, engine fan, headlights and various parts of the fuel injection system.

It also powers comfort parts like your air conditioning system and radio.

Checking your alternator regularly is very important because it’s not always noticeable when it fails.

It can break down over time in stages and even when it does go completely, your battery will take over for some time.


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