Cam Followers

Cam Followers
Cam Followers

High-quality cam followers for sale in South Africa

Cam followers work in tandem with lifters to regulate the flow of fuel to a vehicle’s engine. They’re key components in the valve train and are integral to maintaining optimal performance.

Masterparts stocks OE-quality cam followers in a wide range of configurations. Components are precision engineered and sourced from well-known automotive parts manufacturers.

What is a cam follower?

As the name suggests, a cam follower tracks, or follows, the elliptical shape of the cam lobe on the camshaft. It engages and releases the lobe to open and close the valve.

More commonly known as tappets, cam followers are responsible for enabling the inflow of air/fuel mixture into the combustion chamber.

Signs of a worn or faulty cam follower

As with all engine components, cam followers can degrade. Failure is mostly caused by inadequate maintenance, poor oil supply or faulty parts.

Late model VW, Audi and, to a lesser extent, BMW vehicles fitted with fuel stratified injection (FSI) systems are particularly susceptible to cam follower failure.

Symptoms of a worn or defective cam follower include rough idling, loud knocking or rattling noises, and the stalling of the vehicle following a cold start.

When there’s an abrupt loss of power, or the vehicle lurches from side to side, it’s usually because of the vehicle’s ECU automatically cutting fuel to the engine. In most cases, the problem can be traced to a damaged or worn cam follower.

Ajusa cam followers

Ajusa cam followers are designed to OE specifications. They’re available oiled and installation ready. They’re part of an extensive product portfolio manufactured in the USA since 1972. All Ajusa vehicle components are ISO 9001 and ISO/TS quality certified.

Febi Bilstein cam followers

Febi Bilstein cam followers are precision manufactured using quality materials and workmanship. Components are quality tested and comply with industry-standard production tolerances.

Autostar cam followers

Autostar is an authorised distributor of quality automotive spares sourced from Japanese, Korean and German OE suppliers. The Autostar aftermarket component range varies from hydraulic and mechanical cam followers and rocker arms to steering racks and headlight globes.

Where to get cam followers from Masterparts

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Masterparts stocks high-quality cam followers, and other camshaft parts, for almost all vehicle models on our roads. Contact us if there’s a part you need and we’ll be happy to assist.


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