Engine Mountings

Engine Mountings
Engine Mountings

Masterparts offers high-quality engine mountings for delivery or for sale at our branches.

What do engine mountings do in a car?

Engine mountings secure the engine to the car’s chassis.

The cushioning effect of the mountings prevents steel-on-steel contact. The mountings also act as a noise dampener, reducing engine noise, and absorb vibrations.

Engine Mountings

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How does an engine mounting work?

Depending on a vehicle’s make and model, two to four engine mountings are arranged in a linear or triangular configuration around the engine bay.

Mountings are bolted directly onto the chassis and attached to the engine block via support brackets.

In most rear-wheel drive vehicles, the engine sits on mountings bolted to the bottom sides of the frame. The engine of front-wheel drive cars typically hangs from mounts bolted to the top side of the chassis.

Early-model engine mountings consist of a block of rubber sandwiched between two metal plates.

Modern vehicles are fitted with one of three main designs:

  • Hydraulic hydromounts – engine mountings with hollow compartments filled with hydraulic fluid.
  • Vacuum-actuated mounts – mountings with fluid-filled compartments, a rubber diaphragm and a vacuum chamber with a vacuum switching valve; as engine speed or load and therefore the vacuum status of the engine changes, the stiffness of the mounts adjusts to absorb more or less vibration.
  • Active engine mounts – similar in design to vacuum-actuated mounts but they contain an electromagnetic coil and use electronic signals from the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) to actuate the diaphragm.

Signs of a worn engine mounting

Engine mountings have an average lifespan of five to seven years. After that, the rubber may degrade and crack, or liquid can leak out, rendering the part ineffective.

A noticeable increase in engine noise and vibrations felt inside the car are tell-tale signs of worn engine mountings.

Loud rattling noises when starting or shutting down the engine, lurching when accelerating, and thumps and bumps when changing gears are all indicative of failing components.

As a rule, engine mountings are replaced as a complete set.

High-quality engine mountings for sale in South Africa

Masterparts offers engine mountings suitable for most vehicle makes and models. We offer door-to-door delivery. Alternatively, visit any of our branches across South Africa or in Windhoek, Namibia.

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