Fan Clutches

Fan Clutches
Fan Clutches

Masterparts stocks an extensive range of fan clutches.

A fan clutch is a thermostatic device that exists as an integral component of the automotive cooling system. When the engine is cool or even at normal operating temperature, the fan clutch partially disengages the engine’s radiator fan.

About Fan Clutches

It is generally located at the front of the water pump and driven by a belt and pulley connected to the engine’s crankshaft. This saves power, since the engine does not have to fully drive the fan.

If the engine temperature rises above the clutch’s engagement temperature setting, the fan becomes fully engaged, drawing a higher volume of air through the vehicle’s radiator, which serves to maintain or lower the engine coolant temperature to an acceptable level.

Please note that all viscous clutches MUST be stored upright – i.e. in the same position they are in when installed on the engine. This is to ensure the oil does not leak out, because if it is stored flat (on its front or back) it will leak and will fail.

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