Ignition Leads

ignition leads
ignition leads

Masterparts stocks the finest quality ignition leads.

The ignition leads on your vehicle are responsible for harnessing thousands of volts and delivering that ‘juice’ to the spark plugs every time, without fail.

Why should ignition wires be replaced?

As spark plug wires age, the insulation gets brittle and the core develops cracks.

Any breakdown in the spark plug wire gives the electricity somewhere else to go, and can result in engine misfiring, fouled spark plugs and rough running.

Our Ignition Leads

A new set of spark plug wires will restore the ignition performance of your vehicle.

We have hundreds of part numbers of leads in stock for a wide range of vehicles and if you’re looking for something that can deliver a little more spark we also have high-performance spark plug wires.

We stock spark plugs for most vehicles as well as marine engines, lawnmowers, chainsaws, generators, motorcycles, etc.


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