Push-rod Tubes

Push-rod Tubes
Push-rod Tubes

Masterparts stocks VW push-rod tubes.

Push rod tubes are part of the valve train in VW engines. We stock the regular and collapsible push rod tubes.

What is a push-rod tube?

A push-rod tube is a strengthened, stainless-steel or cast-iron tube that connects the camshaft tappet to the rocker arm.

Its core function is to transfer motion from the cam lobe to the valve, and to send and receive lubricating oil to and from the rocker arm.

A push-rod tube is designed to endure significant force.

About push-rod design

Standard push-rods are typically tubular, with hardened tip inserts. Most are made from stainless steel.

Because a push-rod is subject to extreme force, its working surface is hardened to increase resilience. The critical load-bearing areas of the rod – the tips – must be especially strong.

Signs of a bent or faulty push-rod

A push-rod operates under extreme conditions. Although it’s hardened, it can bend. When that happens, the opening and closing of the valves is disrupted and cylinders may function poorly.

General symptoms that could point to a bent or faulty push-rod include a misfiring engine, poor engine performance, rough idling or a knocking or ticking sound inside the engine.

A full assessment of the valve train may be required to determine whether any other camshaft components are faulty or defective.

VW Beetle push-rod tubes for sale in South Africa

Masterparts offers standard stainless-steel VW Beetle push-rod tubes.

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